Hive Neös 1000cc Student Starter Waxing Kit


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This kit contains depilatory warm wax, hot wax and paraffin wax, making this the perfect solution for students wanting to practice each technique.

All the products you need for an NVQ waxing course.


  • Neös 1000cc Wax Heater
  • Pre Wax Cleansing Spray 200ml
  • Warm "Honey" Wax 425g
  • Disposable Wooden Spatulas (100)
  • Flexible Paper Waxing Strips (100)
  • After Wax Treatment Lotion 200ml
  • Wax Equipment Cleaner Spray 400ml
  • Hot Wax Pellets 700g
  • Fragrance-Free Paraffin Wax Pellets 700g
  • Paraffin Brush 1"
  • Paraffin Brush 2"

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