Shavedoctor Face Scrub 100ml

Shavedoctor Face Scrub 100ml


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The Shavedoctor New Airless Pump Bottle, Face Scrub is an essential skin and hair preparation before any shave.

The oatmeal grain gently cleanses and conditions the skin.

It was developed to address the problems of ingrown hairs suffered by over 55% of UK men.

The non abrasive emollient beads will scrub away the daily elements and help lift the trapped hair under the skin.

Packed full of lemon tea tree oil (Leptospermum Petersoni) the wash has powerful anti-bacterial and tonic properties which deeply cleanses, refreshes and then cools the skin.

Important: do not squeeze or force trapped and infected ingrown hairs, frequently use the Shavedoctor Face Scrub and gently massage infected area until clear.